#HelloMNI v. 01

Hello My Name Is version 01 was a success at Chicago Zine Fest (at least based on the reactions I got when sharing and explaining the concept). As I walked the show, I gave or traded zines. I also put 10 copies on the “FREE” table, so 10 people got a copy without any context!

Hello My Name Is is a Mad Libs/Fill-in-the-Blanks, analog dating profile!

01 hellomni promo

01 hellomni promo2

‘Til next year #czf2016 – can’t handle the crowds any longer! ?

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I’m working on a much bigger project using this idea, but if you want to check out the original, here are links to downloading and printing your very own copy! If you end up printing out and filling out, please post using the hashtag: #HelloMNI! I’ll be posting updates on my new project using this hashtag!

01 HelloMNI BLACK.pdf

01 HelloMNI RED.pdf

01 HelloMNI BLUE.pdf

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